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The 6th International Bauxite-Alumina symposium of IBAAS-CAMEN organized in Conakry, Guinea during September 21-22, 2017 was highly successful and well appreciated by participants, Government officials and media. There were about 130 delegates from all over the world including several participants from Guinea. Representatives of Ministry of Geology & Mines, SOGUIPAMI, CPDM and organizations associated with mining industry and foreign companies participated in 2 days symposium and exhibition. Organizers have been requested to periodically return to this bauxite rich country and disseminate knowledge and information about worldwide developments in bauxite-alumina field.
The International Bauxite-Alumina Symposium was inaugurated by Minister of Investment, Mr. Kasuri Fofana and Secretary General of Ministry of Geology and Mines, Guinea at Hotel Sheraton, Conakry on September 21, 2017. In the inaugural function, Minister highlighted the importance of alumina industry and hydro-electric power projects for the economy of Guinea and wished that this conference may trigger the start of refinery in the country. Secretary General briefed about the present bauxite mining and export of this west African country and shown the prospect of developments in the next 5 years, when Guinea will be the top bauxite mining and exporting country.  The main objective of present symposium is to highlight the advantage Guinea, its huge bauxite potential for setting up value added projects and alumina refinery in the country. Ex. Minister of Mines of Guinea Mr. Ahmad Kante, who was associated with IBAAS-CAMEN from the beginning, has shown development graphs of bauxite mining and export from this country for the last 30 years and given the future projection. Mr. Kante has also highlighted the potential of Guinea in setting up an alumina refinery in the country.
In the inaugural function, Secretary, IBAAS, Dr. Ashok Nandi highlighted the importance of Guinea in the world bauxite-alumina scenario and decision of IBAAS to hold 6th International symposium in this country. Soriba Camara, Director General CAMEN Resources told that it is a matter of pride that at present their country is in the top position in the world in export of metallurgical grade bauxite thanks to CBG, RUSAL, SMB and GAC. There is a clear potential to increase bauxite export from Guinea to about 80 million tons per annum in coming 4-5 years period. However, this will add up a lot of pressure on environment, infrastructure and community. The Country may gain tremendously if simultaneously plan the setting up of value added industry and alumina refinery in the country.

​On the first day, there were 15 presentations by the top Government officials, International Bauxite-Alumina experts from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, India and UK.  

CPDM, a Government organization, provided procedures for granting the Mining Licenses & various authorization in Guinea. 

Further an Australian expert of Advisian Jock Armstrong considered historical trends in development of alumina capacity globally to help suggest key factors that need to be addressed to improve project viability in Guinea. Jock suggested an integrated industrial footprint may lead to a better business case and that long term co-commitment from multiple stakeholders is essential, requiring carefully constructed contracts. Bernard Bosca of AMBER Development, France has indicated a necessity to set up Bauxite-Alumina R&D center for systematic evaluation of huge resources and carry out research for setting up value added bauxite products and alumina refinery in the country. Alpha Barry of Solvay and Vinod Sood of IBAAS have presented opportunities and challenges in setting up Greenfield alumina refinery in the country. They have projected capital and operating costs in running alumina plant in Guinea and highlighted various challenges in this developing African country. Craig Sillars of UK Department for International Trade, presented a paper on ‘Bauxite and Alumina – the driver for Sustainable Economic Development in Guinea’, where he presented the concept of a Strategic Regional Development Plan for wealth creating regions of Guinea such as Boke by delivering integrated infrastructure facilities to promote broad based economic development. A series of presentations were made by Sponsors and Supporters of IBAAS-CAMEN conference – prominent among them are Vermeer, Bureau Veritas, Geoprospects, Axis Minerals, Alufer, Eurasian, Wirtgen and Africa Ports and Airports. Alexey Chausov of Geoprospects presented an updated Bauxite Potential map of Guinea, which is well appreciated by delegates.       
On the second day, Mahadevan of ANRAK Aluminium and Vinod Sood of IBAAS compared the capital & operating costs of Greenfield alumina refinery in Guinea with other leading countries and came to conclusion that Chemical Grade Alumina Refinery can also be an ideal viable option for this country due to reduced risks and low capital cost. Brad Hogan of Advisian talked about the optimization of Alumina refinery and showed the advantages of Tailored and Optimized refinery design compared to the refinery built by Replication. Karen Dingley, Head of Mining & Water Services of WSP, UK talked about ‘Assessing and Mitigating Risk to Mining – Can we “Future Proof” the Industry?’, where she has enumerated various risks associated with mining projects and ways to mitigate them.  Ahmad Kante, an Ex. Minister of Mines has described 5 corridors for bauxite export from Guinea – namely existing corridors of Conakry, Kamsar and Katougouma & Dapilon and new planned corridors of Taigbe and Kokaya. Mr. Kante predicted that with these corridors there is a potential to export 82.5 million tons of bauxite in 2018; 152 million tons in 2019-2021 and about 249 million tons in 2022-2025 period from Guinea.

Further Soriba Camara of CAMEN Resources has shown the present status of various alumina refineries planned in Guinea and indicated that most of them are on the papers only. The most advanced alumina plant project is GAC/EGA, where feasibility work was completed, however, there is no further activities here.  Evgeny Okonov of Geoprospects has presented details of unique high grade sedimentary bauxite deposit of Sangaredi. The value addition and non-metallurgical uses of bauxite was presented by Ashok Nandi of IBAAS, where series of bauxite based products are shown and it was indicated that the white bauxite of Sangaredi can be used in refractory and abrasive industry after simple calcination. Louis van der Walt and Theuns Steyn of Kuka Mining Logistics, South Africa have shown their Aerial ropeway for efficient transportation of bauxite in rugged and rough terrains of Guinea. Further Alseny Conte of CBG has presented methodology adopted for standard reconciliation in estimating resources, reserves and grades in CBG bauxite mines. Mohamad Siddiki provided the Legal Framework of the Guinean Mining sector, where mining legislation and amended mining code of 2013 were presented. This presentation was quite useful for companies seeking bauxite mining license and setting up alumina refinery in Guinea. Further Bhaurao of Utkal Alumina, producing cheapest alumina in the world, has shown key elements for sustainable competitive advantage of their refinery in India.
In the concluding session of this conference, Ex. Minister Mr. Kante described the present symposium as unique and extremely useful for the development of Bauxite-alumina industry of Guinea. Suggestions and comments were invited from participants on the presentations and overall organization of this International event. The conference was well appreciated and found useful for development of Guinea Bauxite-Alumina industry by delegates. Government officials and media. 

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